Many hours are spent before a Londi product arrives at the end of its production cycle, but the wait is always rewarded: the Londi products are all very good and satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Londi has developed an effective and controlled production cycle, which always keeps the product quality in the foreground.

Here are the main phases of a process which takes more than 2 days:


The presence of highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipments with computerized systems of control are the elements that guarantee the right composition and the quality of the dough. The Londi recipe is the result of a long experience and has now confirmed the features that make Londi products so unique.

Lamination & Molding

At this stage, the dough is processed in order to obtain, to the end, the tipical lamination of the Londi products. A layer of vegetable margarine (lighter and more digestible than butter) is spread between two layers of dough. Then the dough is bent and folded over itself many times, just to make the puff pastry that has the soothing characteristic of the product .
The characteristic of the Nuvolette is the manual forming process of every single piece, carried out by qualified staff. Even in the molding of the puff pastry, where small triangles of rolled dough become croissants, the presence of staff members is fundamental for supervising all aspects of the process.
The molding of salted products is made with the help of specific industrial machinery.


For all products, a last-generation tunnel oven is specifically designed for baking Londi products. A correct baking is essential to keep the slicing and softness of the molded and leavened product.


Londi products are packaged in two ways, plastic envelope and plastic pan. These innovative “safe freshness” packages have been studied exclusively for Londi products. Twenty years ago, Londi was the first person in Italy to study a packing box which could contain and store for a long time the freshness and fragrance of the products without making use of preservatives. This innovation has become the main strength of the Londi production range.
The products are individually packaged in plastic envelopes which are perfect to bring everywhere with you for your snacks.