About us

Londi is the leading company in Tuscany for the production of sweet and salted leavened products.
Ideal for breakfast and appetizing for any snack in different moments of the day.

Next to the classic breakfast products such as the Parigine stuffed with chocolate or succulent jams, other products have been added, which are perfect for a salty match that are also in a wholemeal flour version.

Yeast Masters

Since 1935 the company has evolved and affirmed on the market as a brand synonymous with authenticity and traditional and artisan processing.

Londi, in fact, has never abandoned the choice of natural leavening, indeed he still uses the mother’s yeast.
Every day the yeast is worked and kneaded. One part of it is used for the production and the other part is stored and can rest in order to be used for the same process the next day. This is the cycle that has been repeated from decades, day after day. The natural leavening with mother yeast has a unique and unmistakable characteristic that you can feel from the first taste: this is the real difference between a work “done as once” and the industrial processing that uses chemical products or “forced” leavening. It is for this reason that the unmistakable taste blends with genuineness: Londi’s products are very good but, above all, healthy ad digestibel.

Avant-grade and Tradition

Londi is a company of ancient traditions that boasts three generations of pastry production experience.
In Londi avant-garde and tradition live in perfect symbiosis.

Today the company is dynamic and innovative, but it places the utmost attention, in its production, on human value beside technology. Industrial machinery represents the company’s forefront in the bakery technologic industry. Qualified and skilled staff and a human touch are strongly present throughout all the production process.

Croissants, Nuvolette, scones and salted croissants are all unique products, prepared with natural ingredients, without preservatives, without hydrogenated greases and dyes. Baked every day … fresh for you!

4000 mq

of covered warehouses

3 lines

of production

48 hours

of work to get to the finished product